Road to MIPIM 2019
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Road to MIPIM 2019

An update from our CTO, Pete Hallet.

The build up to MIPIM 2019 at District has as ever been intensely busy. Not only have we been delivering to our existing and new customers and iterating our product, we have been defining some very big announcements to let fly during the conference.

As is always the way with the startup hustle, we all ended up travelling separately for one reason or another. Our CEO, Vanessa, flying via a quick stop in Munich, myself on a ridiculous end of the day  flight from Heathrow and Hannah, our Business Development Director, departed last Thursday on her bicycle FROM LONDON, cycling to Cannes as part of the cycle to MIPIM event with Club Peloton, that has raised £3.4m (so far) for the extremely worthy Coram children’s charity.

Sitting by myself on the plane surrounded by many people that are probably also travelling to MIPIM has got me thinking about what the next few days will involve.

Firstly, we launched the unofficial guide to the event as a way of us showcasing the District app at MIPIM. We have aimed to make the app an easy, simple and traversable version of the schedule and we think it looks great. If you are an attendee at MIPIM, you can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

On Wednesday we’ll be gearing up to make some huge announcements that I think will set us apart from the rest of the players in our space. Vanessa steps on stage at the global Start-Up competition at 2pm in the Grand Auditorium – Palais 1 to make the announcements. I obviously can’t say too much before, but I am so happy with where our amazing team have taken the platform over the last few months. We have managed this by nurturing some new ways of working at District and creating an environment for the extremely intelligent multi disciplined teams in London, Portugal and Wales, to deliver on our vision in a way that only they are able. I am super excited.. Can you tell!??!

I am also massively excited that the main theme for this year at District is to place an emphasis on the TECH part of PropTech. I cannot wait to speak to similar tech, business and investment minded people about what we are all going to do to bring together a collective understanding of how to tackle and evolve this industry, in order to drag it and its sectors into the modern era. Exactly the sort of challenge that excites me and hopefully others too. Lots of work to do!!

Enough rambling from me for now.. Get yourselves onto the unofficial guide and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Cannes across the next few days.