Not Adopting Technology is Not an Option for Real Estate
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Not Adopting Technology is Not an Option for Real Estate

It was great to see our Business Development Director, Hannah Prideaux, join AREF’s panel to discuss the adoption of digital strategies and technology in real estate. 

The discussion was primarily about how real estate companies can accomplish their business aims by using data more effectively, while also discussing the potential challenges to adoption. Innovative companies, such as District, provide an easy solution to landlords and occupiers, enabling frictionless communication and engagement for building users, and resulting analytical data make data driven decisions.

Several statistics and facts were discussed, including that technology will impact 97% of all property companies, of which, 86% see this technology as an opportunity to improve existing solutions. A ‘good’ building needs to be Connected, Integrated, Productive, Future Proof, Insightful and Information-led. Companies such as District enables this, by combining the front, middle and back end technologies in order to improve building experiences. 

Learning from your building is key to advancing your lead against competition in the future. By being able to gauge user trends and analyse key data points within a building, ‘future proofing’ becomes a thing of the past.