Job Description

As a Business Development Director, you will be in charge of leveraging and growing your network to set up meetings with the best owners, real estate players or other sales channels that you will find over time to pitch and then close leads, driving the entire sales and negotiation process independently. As a business development director you will be in charge of sales, growing a sales team over time, developing partnerships and marketing initiatives to drive more sales.

It’s an exciting role, in which you’ll thrive if you like real estate, smart cities technologies (IoT, AI, connected hardware, etc.) and working together with sophisticated players from a variety of industries and backgrounds (real estate owners, property managers, hardware companies, customers, etc.). To be successful, it takes an process-oriented analytical mindset, outgoing personable character traits for networking, a desire to close deals and win in a competitive market, leadership skills and personal growth willingness.

In addition, you will get the opportunity to work with true rock stars from technology, real estate, and consulting world, bringing their minds together to solve problems fast and smart.

This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial and ambitious real estate professional to stay in real estate but leave the traditional side of the table and join a fast growing smart cities startup in London.


  • Source clients, typically owners, property managers, customers or others owning and managing the entire sales process;

  • Drive the pitching and negotiation process;

  • Interface with several stakeholders in District’s team and within the clients’ organizations;

  • Close the sale and transfer ownership of the account to the product team for deployment;

  • Build relationships and prospects through networking at events and conferences in London and abroad;

  • Create reports to provide insights for internal use as well as for all potential clients as marketing;

  • Build a sales team over time;

  • Build partnerships with other technology companies that provide synergies for sales;

  • Drive efficiency in the sales process, by accelerating the sales cycle and improving the tools used for presentation and pitching.

Minimum qualifications and experience

You are going to be very independent and really own this role with a large degree of freedom in how you manage your operations and team. We are happy to support you with our experience in highly operational companies (Uber, WeWork) but it will be ultimately your call.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial personality. Ideally, you have:

  • 1-3 years in real estate sales experience

  • Keen interest in real estate development

  • You love selling and are fast, swift and efficient

  • 1-3 years tech experience or sales experience in another market is a plus

  • Familiarity with the real estate market and transactions in London

  • You’re very independent and you can hit the ground running with little direction and supervision

  • You are able to interface in a clear and productive way with different functions, such as technology and marketing

  • Demonstrated research, analytical and presentation skills

  • Ability to manage and maintain databases in Excel and to create reports in word or illustrator.

Compensation is competitive with and a generous options plan.

Business Development Director


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