And Frictionless

Create places people love and enjoy by upgrading your physical spaces.

Focus On
The Individual,
Enhance The

Software is enabling the next generation of building experiences.



Engage your community and give users the ability to interact with people, join wellness events and utilise services available to them.


Smart Buildings

Showcase the best your building has to offer through smart integrations to reduce friction for both landlords /companies and users.


Data Insight

Collect and utilise data insights at a portfolio, building, company and user level to drive adoption and reduce overheads, while improving the bottom line.


Create A Unique Digital Layer And Brand

Plug & Play

Download the District app from the AppStore and personalize the client or building branding inside the app. Choose from our extensive feature list and select applicable integrations on demand.


Download your custom brand app from the AppStore. Tailor our proprietary backend technology to any brand, choose from our extensive feature list, and select applicable integrations on demand.

Self Service

Pick and choose from the core features in combination with any smart building integrations to configure your own app directly from our website.

Third party developers and clients can build their own integrations and launch them onto our District marketplace themselves through our open API and developer community.