Guest Edited Sunday Proptech Review
Smart Cities

Guest Edited Sunday Proptech Review

I had the pleasure of guest editing James Dearsley‘s Sunday Proptech Review around my favourite theme: future cities.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend being a bit cooler with all the hot weather we’ve hd recently!

My name is Vanessa and I am the Founder and CEO of District Technologies, a user experience focused community and smart building platform that scales across large traditional CRE and PRS portfolios to help our clients move from being rent collectors to relationship builders.

James has been so kind to let me guest edit the second week of August’s PropTech Review and I am excited to share what I am most interested in with you: Future Cities.

With the rise of smart building technologies, IoT, big data analytics, machine learning and AI – the influence technology on our everyday work-life is bigger than ever before, especially in ever overpopulating and denser cities. What I am most interested is how we can focus on the human / user experience in a world where everything is more digitally connected than ever before.